Edinburgh 2050 City Vision

Attached, guidance on the City Council's 2050 City Vision.

The Lord Provost has written to us:


As you may be aware, an engagement campaign has been launched with Edinburgh citizens to establish their vision for how they would like the city to be in 2050. To arrive at the best and most compelling vision for Edinburgh in 2050, we need as many citizens to contribute their views and aspirations. This will help to identify areas of consensus that the city can unite behind and work towards as a common goal. The greater the number of contributors, the more accurate and representative the City Vision becomes and the greater the strength it then has.

Edinburgh’s Community Councils perform a particularly valuable role in engaging with local communities and in ensuring that their views, opinions and needs are understood and reflected. I should therefore be grateful for your support in promoting the 2050 Edinburgh City Vision campaign. I have attached the Campaign Toolkit that provides everything that an organisation needs to get involved. Most importantly, directing your communities to the edinburgh2050.com website enables citizens to contribute their vision to help shape the future of Edinburgh.

I should greatly welcome your support for this important campaign. Please do not hesitate to contact me direct should you require any further information.

Best wishes

Frank Ross

Lord Provost


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